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Talk to the Bump August 10, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood, Ireland & the Irish.

As I sit here pondering my impending state of fatherhood, I am drawn to thinking about how it all has changed my observation of the world – and more immediately my daily “people watching” from the balcony of my local supermarket’s café. I think I am becoming obsessed with pregnancy in general, preparations we have to make, ante-natal classes, breathing and a whole plethora of other up-the-duff related issues. But the one thing I have found myself doing is looking at other pregnant women and trying to guesstimate how far “gone” they are. (Maybe it’s my mind that’s “gone”).

All the books say that it’s not necessarily a good thing to compare your own pregnancy (or my wife’s in this case, although sometimes you’d wonder given the state of me) to someone else’s, but of course it’s natural for us to compare and contrast, even if we’re not supposed to be doing it.

All that said, I spotted a woman this morning on my usual tea-break meander through the mall, who when I briefly glanced at her bump, which as it happens along with the rest of her was bet into a pair of jeans that can best be described as non-maternity, came out with the lovely ditty below.  “6 months” I thought to myself, quickly calculating that she was somewhere between 23 and 25 weeks.

My morning was made, for when I had passed she dryly quipped, “If another f*cking man looks at me bump again I’ll f*cking kill him !”. You just can’t learn class like that …

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