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A little dilemma ! August 10, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

So one of my best mates is getting married next week and I was delighted to accept her request that I be a reader at the ceremony.

Until that is, she sent me the reading they have chosen for their wedding !  Can you see where this is going ?  For those Bible buffs out there, it’s the first letter of St.Paul to the Corinthians 6:13-15,17-20.  Short of posting the entire reading here, lets just say it mentions the word “fornication” in its various forms no less than 4 times.

I can only imagine the thoughts that will be going through my head as I read lines such as (and I’m quoting directly here) “Keep away from fornication. All the other sins are committed outside the body; but to fornicate is to sin against your own body.”  At a wedding !  And I know for a fact that if I look up even once, the front row of the congregation will be in stitches.  At that point I think I would lose it.

Please dear Jesus, has anyone any suggestions about how to tactfully approach this ?

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1. Dave Munger - August 11, 2006

Yeesh — why not a little psalm about “love” or something? I think your only hope is to practice this thing, a LOT. Most people don’t bother to listen to the reading, so if you read it seriously, and in a boring tone of voice, they might not even notice.

Though I do think most people’s ears might perk up a bit on hearing the first “fornication.”

2. cp1302ger - August 11, 2006

thanks dave – i’ve run through it a couple times with my wife who to her credit remained serious throughout – trouble is, i know there are some in the congregation who will, as you say, become animated as the reading goes on …

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