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Ireland : 31 July ’06 July 31, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Today is a notable day for anyone who has been screwed by those crafty folks at the N.C.T. (National Car Test). 

You now get a free re-test if it was only your tyres that failed you the first time and no longer is a broken little white light over the number plate an automatic failing offence. No more will your perfectly functioning car fail the test because it doesn’t have the little sticker with your county’s name as Gaeilge on the registration plate.

I chuckle at the thoughts of the workers in the N.C.T. testing centres receiving box loads of little Gaillimh and Ath Cliath stickers which, in my opinion, just leaves the whole thing open for pure divilliment.  One wonders whether test centres in counties that share a city e.g. Waterford or Athlone, will be supplied with the correct stickies for the different county’s cars they are likely to encounter ?  “Ah Jaysis now we have no Kilkenny stickers at the moment missis.  You’ll have to call back in a week !”  

In other news, I’m sure frequent users of Dublin’s M50 ring road will be glad to know that the motorway road is having another lane added from Ballymount to the N4 exit.  The project which was started in 1985, took donkey’s years and the GDP of a small country to complete was finally connected all the way round in 2005 and on your average evening is more congested than a sardine tin.  Hopefully this extra lane will take some traffic away on one of the busier parts.  During the 2 years the new roadworks will take to complete, South Dublin County Council has pledged to keep the disruption to a minimum … I shudder to think what will happen when IKEA opens up along that stretch too !

And finally … before they head off on their rather extensive summer break our overworked politicians are heading to Wicklow for a serious pow-wow to thrash out the reasons for their recent poor showing in the opinion polls (severly biting my tongue here).  Apparently, the proposed Fine Gael-Labour coalition is a full 10 points ahead of the current incumbents.  The boss man however had this to say about the state of affairs.  “There’s only one opinion poll that matters and that’s on general election day”.  Bertie, I can hardly wait !




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