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Ireland : 26 July ‘06 July 26, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

It would appear that there is still all round general consternation over the state of the roads and roadworks on the N7 that are presently up in a heap in preparation for the famous Ryder Cup Golf tournament being held in the K Club, Co.Kildare this September.  It seems our Minister for Sport stopped short of saying “Yes the roads will be completed on time” (Jaysis hah ?) but instead offered the paltry “I’m quite satisfied that there won’t be any difficulty like that.” and went on to say “The assurance that I will give, as Minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism, is that everything that facilitates the Ryder Cup, which requires to be done to facilitate the hosting of the Ryder Cup will be done.”

Presumably this means “the roads” too then John ?  but you wouldn’t like to mention “the roads”, but you mean “the roads” though ??  God my vote is safe already !

On more matters Ryder Cup, the greenkeepers and gardeners at the prestigious venue in Straffan are threathening to strike over a pay dispute.  Amicus, the union for those greenkeeper sort of chaps, has been in dispute with K Club management since last January and the hearing has now been referred to the Labour Court.  I wonder does the solution to this problem fall under the Minister’s cover-all statement above ??  One would certainly hope so.  Will it be resolved in time ?

In other news it appears (here) that the IRA (You know, I thought they had gone away ?) planned to buy an apartment block and a bank (!) in Bulgaria of all places, so they could launder their ill-gotten gains. (Not mentioning any bank robbery in particular.)  There was also the purchase of a quarry on the agenda – what in the jaysis would they want with a quarry ?  (well wait now a minute … ahem !)  This interesting insight comes from “Garda sources” who caught some merchant banker in Cork with a fistful of the stolen loot – does anyone else think it was a bad idea to publicise the facts thus letting the IRA know you are on to them ?  or does it run deeper …. maybe as deep as a quarry …



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