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Ireland : 25 July ’06 July 25, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

So what’s new in Ireland today ?  There’s a whole host of interesting stories going on that don’t seem to make it into the mainstream press.  Never fear – the Rambling Man is here …

Well starting off on a sombre note, for those of you elsewhere on the planet and invariably absent from this little island of ours, there was a man found dead in a burning caravan in Castlecomer, Co.Kilkenny yesterday.  Lovely !  The Guards have no idea what happened but arrested a 21 year old last night and promptly released him this morning … more on this as it comes to light.

According to the experts in the Economic and Social Research Institute (good lads) the boom is nearly over and will be on its death bed by 2008.  The poor oul Tiger !  Having said that the same experts reckon that the release into our wonderful economy of the first of the maturing SSIAs will create over 40,000 jobs !  So once we spend it all, does that mean there will be 40,000 people looking for a new job ?  However the spending spree everyone assumes will take place will actually add 1% to the overall national growth !  Jaysis we’re a great little country for an oul scheme hah ?

In other news, Radon levels in Ireland are going through the roof apparently (very bad pun).  In some homes in Kerry they found levels 40% above the recommended safe limit.  Hasn’t Kerry always been full of a bit of gas ?

It seems like there will be another national taxi strike next Tuesday – the last one a few weeks back caused unknown consternation around the country, especially at the airports.  It’d help, of course, if taxis at Dublin airport were allowed to pick up passengers at the same time as dropping them off but they’re not …

And finally … this little gem direct from the Minister of Transport : “Improving roads would help to save lives.”  Aren’t you glad we elected this fella ? Theres no flyovers flies on him hah ? 



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